Swallows Leisure Centre

Benefit from unlimited gym and swimming, guarantee your place in workout classes with Health and Fitness memberships.

Rowing Machine
Senior gym session
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The fitness team will kick start your fitness journey with a fresh and informative induction to ensure safe effective practices when using the gym equipment.

As part of your induction you will also have the option to have a personal workout programme designed specifically for you!

New Member
(Four stage induction)

Step 1

  • Introduction to cardio equipment and fitness test

Step 2

  • Introduction to resistance training and bespoke cardio vascular programme

Step 3

  • Resistance programme and review

Step 4

  • After eight weeks, free weight introduction, fitness re-test and programme review

Casual User
(Two stage induction)

Step 1

  • Cardio equipment overview

Step 2

  • Resistance overview and fitness programme

Fast Track Inductions for the experienced gym user

The fitness team will check for safe and appropriate technique of equipment and its correct usage. The fitness team will assess whether a more in-depth induction is required.